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 2020-2021 CCISD School Show!

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A round of applause ???? for the 39 exhibitors that competed in the steer, pig, lamb, goat, rabbit, broiler, turkey, heifer, and ag mechanics divisions at our 39th Annual CCISD Livestock Show!
Clear Falls FFA Show Results are as follow.
•Trinity Tuttle - Light weight steer 1st place & Showmanship winner.
•Shannon McLean - Light weight 2nd place.
•Hannah Bradley - Medium weight 2nd place.
•Shannon McLean - Grand Champion British, Reserve Over All Heifer, & Heifer Showmanship winner.
•Tyler Keech - Grand Champion American & Commercial Heifers.
•Trinity Tuttle - Reserve Commercial Heifer.
•Colby Hall - Grand Champion Swine
(Class 2)
•Faith Doza - 3rd place
•Tyler Keech - 4th place
•Kendall Adams - 6th place
(Class 3)
•Brady Chaviers - 1st place
•Kade Garrett - 3rd place
•Aubrey Ingram - 4th place
(Class 4)
•Lexi Coffey - 2nd place
•Vanessa Ekstrom - 3rd place
•Brady Gildewell - 4th place
•Jaxon Mann - 5th place
•Hannah Vieck 7th place
(Class 5)
•Laredo Chaviers - 7th place
•Deannah Reyna - 6th place
(Class 6)
•Colby Hall - 1st place, Grand Champion
•Taryn Bedford - 5th place
•Trinity Tuttle - 7th place
(Class 1)
•Riley Guidry - 6th place
(Class 2)
•Megan Joyce - 2nd place
•Whitney Ekstrom - 3rd place
(Class 1)
•Kayli Dorsett - 2nd place
(Class 2)
•Katarina Bennett - 2nd place
(Class 3)
•Lexa Ford - 6th place
•Madison Kaysen - 3rd place
•Ryan Hall - 8th place
•Sarah Anderson - 9th place
•Danielle Dorman - 13th place
•Kayleigh Hatcher - 15th place
•Asia Pulley - 22nd place
•Kendall Adams - 7th place
•Riley Guidry - 8th place
•Abigail Wilburn - 10th place
•Audrey Martin - 5th place
•Ethan Ledoux -8th place
Ag Mechanics:
•Colby Hall - Best of Show
(Class 1)
•Riley Durr - 3rd place
(Class 3)
•Colby Hall - 1st place, Best of Show
•Travis Bragg - 2nd place
•Dylan Moreland - 3rd place
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